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Within the scope of the GoGreen environment protection program all DHL business units concentrate on reducing CO2 emissions. As a subsidiary of DHL Global Forwarding/Freight, DHL Trade Fairs & Events has over 45 years experience and is well known for delivering environmentally friendly logistics services.

This is also the case for trade fair logistics. E.g. the use of forklift trucks at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Using our dedicated software tools we are able to shorten the distance travelled by the diesel powered vehicles. This has a positive impact on the CO2 emissions of the exhibition and also the availability of forklift trucks. Apart from these actions the DHL Trade Fairs & Events team reverts to battery powered forklifts in the exhibition halls. Precious time has been won for the exhibitors.

These sustainable logistics solutions save money for all participants and at the same time protects the environment – as defined by the GoGreen programs.